Property Tax Assessment Appeals

Protesting a Tax Assessment to Reduce Property Tax

When is the last time you opened a property tax assessment and felt the assessment was a fair representative of the current real estate market? I can almost guarantee that this is a phenomenon that doesn’t occur often.  In fact, many homeowners find the tax assessment value on their property to be higher than what they expected and aren’t sure what recourse they have, if any, to appeal the original assessment. 

Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

The process of appealing the assessed value of your property can sound quite overwhelming.  It is however possible to lower your property tax without too much hassle especially when you enlist help from a local appraisal company such as Quiggins.  Our in-house professionals have seen an increase in property tax assessment appeals over the last few years because property owners in the Louisville Metro area have started to realize they are being taxed upon inflated home prices of the past. There is no need to pay more than your fair share when it comes to property tax – we can help!

It is important that before you call us you take the time to make a call to your local taxing authority.  Sometimes a simple phone call can resolve the issue at hand and if it doesn’t your next call should be to the property assessment appeal experts at Quiggins. 

Professional Property Tax Appeals

When you think your property is overvalued and a call to your local taxing authority doesn’t resolve the issue our independent, third-party appraisers can help.  However, it is important to first determine whether moving forward with the property assessment appeal makes sense, especially when considering the cost of hiring a professional property appraiser verse the overall saving you expect to achieve through the appeal process.

As with all appraisers, the professionals at Quiggins must operate according the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices, otherwise known as USPAP.  We aren’t allowed to base our decisions based on the research of our clients; Quiggins will however provide you, our valued client, with an independent evaluation of the property without bias.

We will perform a professional appraisal and provide you with a detailed report that determines if the previous assessment overvalued your home.  If our assessment proves that your home has been overvalued, the independent report we provide you with will be far more persuasive than any evidence you could provide on your own. 

The team of professionals at Quiggins Appraisal Services are led by Andrew Quiggins who offers 20+ years of experience, spanning over 15,000 appraisals to clients throughout Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding area.