Jeffersontown, KY

Located in beautiful Jefferson County, Jeffersontown is one of Louisville’s major suburbs. With a rich history that began in the early 1700’s, Jeffersontown has long been a place where thousands of people call home. With over 25,000 current residents, there are plenty of homes, properties, and estate locations that come and go. At Quiggins Appraisal, we’re proud to service Jeffersontown for all its property appraisal needs. If you’re in the market for a home appraisal, Quiggins Appraisal is the place to call!  

Jeffersontown’s Premiere Property Appraisal Services

Do you have a home, property, or estate in need of an appraisal? Don’t let the property appraisal process intimidate you. Our professional and reliable staff have been serving the Jeffersontown area for over 20 years and can walk you through each step of the way. We confidently provide accurate and efficient appraisals for all your estate needs. We take appraising your home seriously. Our Senior Appraiser, Andrew Quiggins, has conducted over 15,000 appraisals and is one of Kentucky’s top appraisers. When you’re in need of a real estate appraisal, you can trust the experts at Quiggins Appraisal.

Thorough Property Appraisal You can Trust

Confidence and trust are two of the primary characteristics every home and property owner needs to have in their property appraiser. If you don’t feel confident in the valuation your appraiser is giving you, you could end up losing thousands of dollars. If you’re in the market for an estate appraisal, Quiggins Appraisal has you covered. We also offer a number of other comprehensive appraisal services. We handle everything from divorce appraisals and bankruptcy appraisals to tax assessment appeals, bail bond appraisals, and more. 

Our Appraisal Process

Our appraisal process begins with a simple conversation with potential clients to determine their appraisal needs and property details.

We continue the appraisal process by scheduling a property visit. While on site we:

  • Observe the entire exterior of the property
  • Measure the property according to ANSI® Z765-2013 standards
  • Obtain photos of both the exterior and interior of the property
  • Interview the homeowner, realtor, etc.

We conduct thorough neighborhood research and work on writing up a detailed property report. This report includes:

  • Which appraisal approach is considered the most effective
  • A market-derived adjustment based on property details
  • Property adjustments are applied to comparable sales in the area to illustrate a range of value
  • The appraisal report is reviewed, electronically signed, and delivered to the client

Rush Appraisals Also Available

While a typical home appraisal usually takes about a week to complete, we also offer Rush appraisals for those times when the unexpected happens. Our rush appraisals can be done in 24 to 48 hours for an additional cost. Life is full of unexpected surprises. We want to be there for you when life takes an unexpected turn.

What our Clients are Saying:

Our clients can speak to the quality of our appraisals and the professionalism of our team.

“I am totally confident in referring anyone who needs an appraisal in Louisville to Quiggins Appraisal Services.”  

Fischer Appraisal Group

“It is easy to understand why Andrew and his team are known as the best Louisville appraisers.”

Casey Lyon

“Quiggins Appraisal Services is so knowledgeable about local real estate values. Great experience. Highly recommend.”-

Tammy Heeber

If you’re in need a property appraisal be sure to request a free appraisal quote! If you have questions about our property appraisal process don’t hesitate to contact the team at Quiggins Appraisal. You can get in touch by calling us at 502-724-3066 or by emailing andy@quigginsappraisal.com. We look forward to hearing from you.