Divorce Appraisal

The Ins and Outs of Property Appraisals in Divorce

Is There Such a Thing as Your Fair Share in Divorce?

Most often the largest financial asset that you will be tasked to value during your divorce will be your home.  The professional home appraisers at Quiggins Appraisal Services can help you to determine your homes worth to help provide you with an unbiased estimate of the value of your home.  When emotions are running high and decisions aren’t being easily made, a home appraisal will eliminate the guess work by providing you an iron-clad valuation of the property.

Whether You Are Selling or Staying a Home Appraisal Helps

There are so many decisions to be made when you are going through the journey that will eventually lead to the end of your marriage.  Our professional home appraisers can help simplify this process with an unbiased opinion on your home’s worth.  This simplifies the process by placing a dollar amount that each spouse should be rewarded for their share of the house.  Then whether you decide to sell the home or one of you decides to stay in the home and buy out their ex’s share, there will be a defined value of financial compensation to meet.

What If We Can’t Agree on The Home Appraisal?

Divorce often makes the most agreeable people become disagreeable.  When a dispute arises over the home appraisal, the repairs that need to be done, or the list price there are several solutions to consider.

  • The divorcing couple comes to an agreement through mediation
  • Spouses both hire their own appraisal agent to provide a CMA, comparative market analysis, and let the lawyer and court decide on an outside home appraiser
  • Both spouses pay for a home appraisal and the court can take an average of the two or decide which they feel is more representative of the market

The team of professionals at Quiggins Appraisal Services are led by Andrew Quiggins who offers 20+ years of experience, spanning over 15,000 appraisals to clients throughout Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding area.